Monday, 12 January 2015

lost in china town

woke up on  a Saturday morning. shower, coffee, train, work. home, gym, home, studies.
woke up on  a Sunday morning. shower, coffee, train, work. home, studies, pub with friends.

I never thought I could actually live the life I always imagined. Rushing to catch the last train with Starbucks coffee in one hand, answering phone calls in the other. Working out at the gym with your favorite songs playing loud in your headphones and sweating away all the problems. Going to the pub with co-workers, while still meeting new people. End up at the other side of the city at 3 am in a completely new group of people and dream about travelling.
I never knew that there's an actual feeling you feel when you meet people you could call good friends instantly. Knowing people with loads of common interests is not a common thing to have.
Right now, I'm really glad that on a Sunday evening, when I would've just stayed at home and watched more tv shows I actually said, yeah, ok, let's do something and went out.