Saturday, 23 January 2016

good old catch up

I know I have been gone for a while. And I do have some reasons. I've been up with some stuff I'll share in this post. 
Last time we talked was before Christmas. My tickets to go back home were on the second Christmas day, so the actual 25th I spent with my friends watching Home alone, Love actually, eating lovely Christmas dinner and giving/receiving secret santa gifts. (Ps my friends do know me quite well, I've got a FRIENDS travel mug from Alex, which I really appreciate). It was lovely to spend Christmas with my friends, considering last year I believe I spent that day even though watching the same movies, but alone in my room while drinking wine. ( and the reason was silly, I thought I will be working and get a double-pay, but apparently there are no events on Christmas). 

On the 26th I was travelling back home, and as it happens, three of my friends (one including my flatmate) bought the same tickets to fly back to Lithuania. I never actually spent time in the airport with my friends before. So it was nice to have some dinner and drinks before the flight. 

When I got back to Birmingham, everyone asked me how was my holiday and stuff, as you would, and to be honest, I did not have a best time. I don't really know how to explain it. I remember the first time I got back from UK I was really excited to see all of my friends, family, I even went to school to see my teachers. But this time, I was drinking with my girls and after a few hours I realised 'wow it's probably been an hour that I haven't spoken a word'. And it is difficult to admit that you probably don't have anything in common with your friends that you used to spend 5 days a week. 

New years sucked as well and it was kind of my problem. I wanted to spend it in Vilnius, but decided to stay in my hometown, because I thought everyone's coming back. And some of my friends did, but just because of me. All in all, a huge misunderstanding happened and to be honest, I wished I stayed with my parents at home. 

Another mistake of mine was to go to the capital before my flight. I've never done this before and I won't do it again. Even though I had just a few drinks, something happened to my digestive system that made me vomit the whole night. It's probably a bit of a tmi, but that was not a good night. Got barely any sleep and had to catch an early bus to Kaunas to actually get on my flight. Couldn't fall asleep on the plane as well. Got back to my flat really annoyed and tired and my flatmate texted me that something happened to our front door and we can't get in, we have to use the dark-muddy-scary back alley. Keep in mind I have loads of stuff with me. 

Next thing you know, I open my luggage and my block of cigarettes is missing. -30 euros. 

I made peace with everything that happened the last few weeks and then started my revision, because I had 3 exams next week. All going quite difficult, but manageable. Stayed for days in my room, because revision in the library is too 'restrictive' for me. ( is that even a word?) I usually go to a single study floor, but it's so silent that even if I make a single noise I feel like I'm disturbing everyone. Also, leaving your stuff unattended to go pee is not a good option in the library.

Wow, it looks like I really do have a lot to tell you guys. Keep in mind all of this was written in Starbucks on my phone while I have an hour to kill before work. Yes, finished my exams and now straight to work. I hope I will get a chance to write another post on Monday before my big trip to Morocco!