Wednesday, 25 March 2015

past few days

so yesterday was such a good day that I feel I need to mark it in my blog as well (snapchat has been my best friend recently btw).
but to begin everything I want to tell you, I have to start on Friday. I've never gone away for the whole weekend because of work, so this was my first time. We went to Chichester, West Sussex. I worked in Goodwood Organic Food van for two days as a cashier. Wore silly uniform. Got completely exhausted. But still, coming back to our caravan after a long shift and having diner with my co-workers was really awesome. I used up all my internet while I was in London and Brighton, so I had a little break from that as well.

Monday night out was good too. I needed a little break from work so me and my friend decided to explore Birmingham a bit more (as if!:D) Found this amazing place near Ikon gallery, but it was too dark to take proper pictures, definitely coming back when the spring 'hits'. Also, spanish tapas place near canal - wonderful atmosphere. and you know, cheeky drinks and girls talks. 

But yesterday was completely different kind of happy. I woke up with a sunshine on my face. Probably that was the best start of the day I could ever as for. Went to view a flat I might move into in mid July. Went to bar training in the office. #so #growing #up
Got lost in the suburbs in Birmingham as well, since I had no internet :D That was a first. But found new favorite place just because of that. Feels like Palanga, with swans in the lake and bushes and trees all around.

AND ALSO. this fuckin song can put me in the most amazing mood instantly. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Brighton/Ten Walls/London

So, I had a trip I want to tell you all about. My classmate from Lithuania came to UK, and we decided to check out Ten walls gig, which was in Brighton on the 6th of March at Concorde 2. Since you can't find neither the bus or the train straight to Brighton from Birmingham I had to get two buses. One to London and then to Brighton. (I know it's the third sentence in a row that I mentioned Brighton, (4th now), but that's your English grammar.) I was telling this whole story to my mom and it ended up as 1 hour chat, so sorry, if this post is going to be long. ( I had a few glasses of wine tonight, so sorry about that as well).

The first thing I thought about when we were driving through London was I the hell I was so against it and why the hell I chose Birmingham over the capital. Since I had half an hour to spend till the next bus, I thought I would walk around a bit. Even though I didn't see as much, but the sunset just made me feel extremely happy to be in this wonderful city. When I got to Brighton, I went straight to the sea. I literally ran towards the water. I felt as if I'm in some kind of euphoria. I met with my friends and walked along the pier. It was magical.

When we got to the gig, the amount of people actually kind of surprised me. Even though we talked to some of them and they had no idea who Ten walls is or that he's Lithuanian, I was glad that we came to support him. I can say, that it is not my kind of music, so I literally just wanted to hear the famous "Walking with Elephants" track. And I did.

Since we are really cheap students, we thought that catching the first bus from Brighton to London was a good idea. And it was not that bad. I was thinking that two hours of sleep will be enough to spend the whole day in London. Too bad that after this trip I realized that I can't fall asleep on buses.
We were extremely lucky with the weather though! We got to London at 8.30 in the morning, and the sun was shining on our faces, no wind, +13. Perfect for tourists and us. Yeah, we pretty much were the tourists. Anyway, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Eye - all just wonderful.

I have this app, which I recommend to everyone, called The Time hop. It synchorinises all your twitter posts, Google+ pictures and facebook posts and shows what you did exactly 1 or more years ago on the same day. And on Friday I checked that exactly 9 years ago I posted this amazing picture of London in the evening and just thought, oh wow how time flies, I'm going to see the exact same thing tomorrow. And I did. Walking near River Thames with the sunglasses on, old friend by my side, going through Vintage book sale, seeing stylish people with huge smiles on.
People who know me really well, know how much bridges and lights mean to me. It's just the thing I feel really fascinated by. My goal was to check out this Tower Bridge which looked awesome in Google Street view. And we checked it out. And it was wonderful ( even though I thought it was a bit bigger :D )

Then the plans changed to the completely better side for all of us. I said goodbye to my friends and met my sweet London girls. All I really wanted to do is just have some drinks near that damn river (damn as in completely amazingly beautiful and wonderful) and watch the sunset. And guess what, we did. And I can't wait till I see them in a month again. Yes, I'm going back. This time, we're going to see Rustie play live. This is my kind of music. And I'm going with the people I really care about and share the same taste in music, which is really important in my life. I CANNOT WAIT.
So yeah, I was completely knackered by the end of the day and my bus was 45 minutes late, but it's alright. (And yes, I couldn't fall asleep in this one as well, even though I haven't had any sleep in almost 40 hours?).

After this amazing trip, I questioned my choice and even though London is pretty (f*kin) expensive, I wouldn't say no to actually live there. But since it's my life, I might end up in this beautiful city, you know. I can finish uni and move where ever the f I want. I might just to that. Or I could move to New York. That would be awesome as well :D All I really need from  a place I live in is water, bridges, lights and beautiful sunsets.

I'm sorry for lots of 'even though' and 'wonderful amazing awesome' in this post, but I actually wrote this so fast, I'm still surprised. ha, and sorry for any mistakes. (haha I actually DONT CARE.)