Monday, 14 September 2015


Oh my god I wanted to write a blog post for such a long time! I have so much to tell you, but just can't find a minute to sit down and write it all down. Even now, I'm in a car going to Chichester for the weekend to work at Revival!
First thing, I bought tickets to go back to Lithuania for Christmas and New years. Well, kind of for Christmas, because I'm flying out on the 26th. This summer, since I stayed in the UK I realized that work and money is not on my priority list. Of course, it is something that you have to make time to to have an opportunity to even buy tickets to fly back, but I missed last Christmas and I worked on last New years eve and I think deserve it.

When I was typing this, my friend asked me " did we lost you to basketball? " (because I was watching the game but since the signal on the highway is crap, I decided to write a blog post). And then I thought I should just enjoy this moment being with my colleagues while singing loudly in the car. Now I'm back at home and finally having some time to sit down and write the post.
Even though the weekend was amazing it was also extremely tiring. I know I earned a lot of money by doing 14-15 hours a day, but yet again sometimes it just feels that it is not worth it. Anyway, I'm just glad it ended.

Back in March I worked with the company in the trailers for the first time and I wrote a post as well.
 We went to Chichester, West Sussex. I worked in Goodwood Organic Food van for two days as a cashier. Wore silly uniform. Got completely exhausted. But still, coming back to our caravan after a long shift and having diner with my co-workers was really awesome.
That is what I wrote back then and even though the people were different this time, I felt the same harmony being in a warm caravan with my friends just chilling, having a glass of wine and watching big bang theory after exhausting day at work.

I sincerelly wanted to write a lot, every single day something happened that I wanted to write about for the past few weeks, but right now I just I can't think of anything important enough. That is why I have to write more often, I forget these simple little things that make my day look brighter so fast. I need to keep them in my blog, so if one day comes and I would be in an awful mood, I could just  open my blog and feel that it is actually just one of those days and it gets better.

I will put some embarrassing photos just because of that reason. Cause you never know, it might get deleted somehow from my computer one day and maybe it will stay on this blog for way longer.
PS I have this bruise on my face that is annoying the crap out of me. And no, I'm not so hard core, I didn't get into a street fight or something. I just simply hit my face in to the handle of my bike while I was fixing the pedals and I was in a hurry. Seriously, I'm like Ross from Friends, ' I bruise like a peach' ( to be honest, my whole legs and arms are covered in bruises I have no idea where from).

PPS. Someone thought I'm from New Zealand this past weekend. I never got that before in my life.