Monday, 26 August 2013

New inn: back to school

 Well hello there, beautiful readers!

Recently I went kinda back-to-school shopping. Bought just a few things I wanted/needed and I would like to share them with you.

Probably not really my style purchase (,but I'm trying out new things) is this head-band from Stradivarius. I can't wait to use it on my first day back at school. Very delicate and a bit 'princess-ish'. I have planned the hairstyle I'm going to use it for, and I can't wait to show it you. 

(natural lightning, no filter)

I wanted a new neutral palette, since I only use neutral shadows. Recently, I've been really into smokey eyes and skipping eyeliner, which is not really what I usually go for. Did some research on youtube and blog world, and comparing quality/quantity/price, this is the best I could find in our stores. I already used it once and it's amazing :)

The biggest purchase was a handbag that I needed for school, since before I used Puma backpack for 3 years, which now is just destroyed. I didn't take quite good pictures of the handbag, but you can see it better on Zara's page.

I've been looking for a perfect dress for back to school (for the last time) event, and I finally found it. Very simple, with a bit of lace detailing, but bright blue. LOVE IT!

That is everything I got, hope you liked this post and see you soon! :)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What's in my bag?

Hey everyone! So I've been stuck on what to blog about, but remembered that I always wanted to do "What's in my bag?" post, so thought, why not today? I've been looking for the perfect little black bag for a while and I finally found it. The bag I fell in love with is by Mango and you can find it here

I am an absolute technology freak, so I need to have my internet 24/7. I am using all of those 'gadgets' for different purposes. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best phone I have ever had ( and believe me, I had a lot). Quality, size, look - everything is just perfect for me. I'm sorry apple lovers, I've tried iPhone, and still, Galaxy is my family. In the middle you can see my 'text phone' (Samsung Galaxy Chat). And on the right you can see my shattered iPod, which I adore, but only as a music player. You can also see my failed attempt to do this . Well, this was not such a fail, but my iPod was not shattered enough, so I should be happy about that :)

Also, there are other essentials, like mint gum, lip balm, napkins, mirror. I can't leave my house without a hair tie. My favorites are packs from Primark. I swear, those hair ties are the best. I bought my first pack two summers ago, and when I finally lost all of them ( you know, like you loose booby pins in that black hole) I asked my mom to bring me some more. Got 2 packs now, so I'm safe. :) My favorite lipstick at the moment is Rebel Red by L'Oreal 'Causse' collection.

Since it's still summer, of course I can't leave my house without my sunglasses, which are from Aldo. I've been buying 'Ray-ban/wayfarer" looking black glasses for about three summers now. If they break, I just buy a similar pair, I just think they suit me well. And of course, it's a great way to cover your eyes if you go out without even putting some mascara on :)

You can also find my daily planner, which in the summer I use only for marking driving lessons; my keys; and my wallet, which is not actually my current one, but this is much more better looking than the one I use now. I'm on a hunt for a new wallet, but I can't seem to find one that I really like.

So, that is everything you can find in my little black bag. I hope you liked this post and see you soon :*

Sunday, 18 August 2013

livin' in memories aka satta'13

many people feel really negative after music festivals or other events pointing out a lot of flaws and disappointments. but let's be real. will you remember all of it in a month? probably not. you will remember all the good jokes and funny moments of the time you spent with your closest friends while listening to your favorite music. well, i will. i always do. i don't know why is that, but it often seems like i'm living in memories. and i guess that is not always good, right? anywho...
these are just a few bits from my film i photographed in my favorite place  (and by place i don't mean location, i mean satta outside festival ) . 
there is a video at the end everyone should watch. it was the highlight of the whole festival.  I honestly didn't think there was that many people, since I was in the first row. And now, seeing the crowd go wild while Niklavz is playing amazing 'Red Lambo' , the moment feels even more epic. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Welcome (back)!

Hey everyone! It's my first post on my new blog cupofberries. My previous blog was travellinendlessly, which I really loved. But for one stupid reason, I decided to leave it. And the story is very simple, I wanted to delete all of pictures of my blog in my phone, but I was not aware of one thing: if you delete it from your phone, you also delete them from your blog. You can head there and look at all of the "bricks" it came out with. I was extremely sad when I figured out it happened and even thought about stopping blogging for ever. But later on I figured that I really miss my blogspace, so decided to come back!
The name of the blog Cup of Berries came from tumblr pictures actually. Few days ago, I saw a picture of a cup of coffee on my dashboard and somehow berries came to my mind. I don't know how to explain it, but it sounded perfect for my blog name. The title Let me be your fantasy came from a song, which everyone should listen to. It somehow always gets me happy and cheerful.