Friday, 27 May 2016

I pray for memories that would never fade

this is probably the third time I'm starting to write this post. and I'm still not sure if it won't end up in the drafts folder.
last weekend was the great escape festival in Brighton.
even though I told the story about it to quite a few of my friends, I kind of wanted to keep something so important like this on my blog as well.
now that I'm thinking what to actually type, it seems like everything is too personal to be published online.
basically, I had one of "imaginary scenarios" come true ( well, pretty much, because it was even better).
the shore of Brighton has a special place in my heart from now on.
that moment, when he comes off the stage before the show to hug you, and to say hi; and that moment after the show, when you go near the seaside to sit on the rocks and talk about random stuff; that moment the next day when you see him on the stage and smile and he smiles back, because YOU ARE HERE. these are the moments I live for. I swear, it might sound like complete bullshit and fan-girling, but I've got SO much love for people that have a passion, especially for music. most likely it's because I don't have that. I don't have a passion in my life. at least, not yet. I like a lot of things. I love a lot of things. I have LOADS of love for people who sometimes are not even worth it. but yet I don't have a passion for something that I would be able to do and enjoy it as much as other people can.
this was so difficult to write.
stole some pictures from my friend Aiste :*

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