Monday, 10 October 2016


I love Timehop app. These daily reminders of what I did/took a picture of/tweeted at exactly the same day years ago gets me thinking about how much I grew up.

I remember that autumn. I even remember the song I was listening to while walking to school that morning. Remember when I couldn't stay in the same room as the person I cared so much about yet it was such a one-sided thing. 

Remember this special moment as well. We had loads of them. A bit sad that I couldn't save all of them through skype. A bit sad that we couldn't keep it up. 

And I remember what I was feeling when this picture was taken. Why I had all of this make up on. And how it ended up being run down my face because of the tears. 

I can't say that I reached a good stage of my life. But it is definitely better now. I still have all the insecurities I had 5 years ago, but through the years I learned how to work on them. Next time I promise I'll come back with a happier post about Spain and its sunshine. 

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