Saturday, 4 March 2017


so it's been a while.
in the last five months, I've: 
spent enormous amount of time drinking coffee and talking to my girlies

attended my first bonfire night (even though we were quite late to the whole shabang )

turned 21

saw the artist (Flume) I wanted to see live since 2009 

helped to organize Antibiotic Awareness event, which included me designing an actual Snapchat filter that people used! (and I was so busy, I didn't manage to take a selfie!!!! :/ )  

saw Anne-Marie for the second time 

the friend that I used to talk for hours about our future came to see me. showed her my surroundings, introduced to my friends. showed her what we used to talk about. 

chopped a lot of my hair off

partied a bit

spent a lot of time in the laboratory

so you could say that i've been rather busy.
but i've also:
listened to a lot of beautiful tracks
burned a lot of candles
made out quite a bit
watched a lot of great movies
realized how much I hate rain
experienced extreme happiness
had my heart broken too. 

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